A Pilot Cancer-Phenome Biobanking System in a Low-Resource Southeast Asian Setting: The Philippine General Hospital Biobank Experience. Ma. Easter Joy V. Sajo, Joji Marie Y. Teves, Allen Joy M. Corachea, Leomir A. Diaz, Alison Faye O. Chan, Apple P. Valparaiso, Ana Victoria V. Dy Echo, Shiela S. Macalindong, Gemma Leonora B. Uy, Rodney B. Dofitas, Ma. Antonia E. Habana, Roy R. Gerona, Juan C. Irwin, Linda C. Giudice, and Michael C. Velarde

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Elevated levels of perfluoroalkyl substances in breast cancer patients within the Greater Manila Area. Michael C. Velarde, Alison Faye O. Chan, Ma. Easter Joy V. Sajo, Igor Zakharevich, Jonathan Melamed, Gemma Leonora B. Uy, Joji Marie Y. Teves, Allen Joy M. Corachea, Apple P. Valparaiso, Shiela S. Macalindong, Nelson D. Cabaluna, Rodney B. Dofitas, Linda C.Giudice, Roy R. Gerona

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